Love Letter to 2021

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We have come so far, how's your 2021?


“We still wore masks and kept a safe distance"

"stuck in the house whole year but we managed"

"gained or lose plus plus lbs"

"discovered a new hobby"

"been depressed"

"boring online class"

"i miss my friends" 

"i miss my family"

"lost someone i love"

"cancelled wedding"

"got covid"

"lost a house"


But in the end, everything that happened is worth living for. It made us who we are today and feeling every bit of this moment remind us we are human. Cheers to 2022!

And of course, grateful for you since day one! Thank you for the never ending support and being part of our journey.



Dress: Flounce Dress

Model:  @zam_dy

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1 Comment

  • I love Zam!!!

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